Finished up the code for Boycott Paper to a point where it's now live. Currently I'm still experimenting with the art style, originally planned on continuing the old style of my four panel comics yet they're very bland.

So, while I work on redoing any 4 panel comic worth continuing I'll be posting up some of my better 1 panel comics. By then there should be a working style and then 1 and 4 panel comics to be delivered.

In addition to getting Boycott Paper live, I did also put it's source code on my GitHub so feel free to use the code. Lastly, also did start a Patreon page to start accepting donations. Don't expect any donations yet, it'd just be nice in the future.

Greetings, I'm John Mullanaphy and currently creating stuff at Forensiq as a Principal Software Engineer. When I'm not coding there then I'm usually found toying around on GitHub or creating comics at Boycott Paper.

Outside of the programming world you can probably find me on the mats rocking a purple belt at Marcelo Garcia Academy, streaming on Twitch, or playing some chess.

Feel free to message on Twitter if you have any questions or requests. Please help yourself to my printable résumé as well!