It's easy to say that coffee drives my industry a lot, hell it drives a lot of industries nowadays which is probably better than speed driving the '80s. My biggest personal issue with coffee had always been finding something I liked and could order without looking like an amateur. Luckily nowadays I finally found a style of coffee I enjoy, Dapper.

Gentleman Coffee

What a dapper little coffee that is. So dapper in fact that for awhile I had started collecting the cups from a Korean chain, Paris Baguette, and started adding little faces on them.

Happy Coffee Family

It was quite a glorious time, and then things went south real fast.

Nothing But Death

Never trust the cute ones as they say.

I'll still grab a cappuccino from Paris Baguette every once in awhile when I forget my coffee (really, when I wake up way too late and have to run for the train) but recently there's been a new haunt on my block, Gregory's. If you're visiting in NYC and can't find a good hole in a wall cafe, Gregory's is a good chain to hit up. Little hipsterish but that's okay.

Greetings, I'm John Mullanaphy and currently creating stuff at Forensiq as a Principal Software Engineer. When I'm not coding there then I'm usually found toying around on GitHub or creating comics at Boycott Paper.

Outside of the programming world you can probably find me on the mats rocking a purple belt at Marcelo Garcia Academy, streaming on Twitch, or playing some chess.

Feel free to message on Twitter if you have any questions or requests. Please help yourself to my printable résumé as well!