Hello There

Hey! It's been quite awhile as I've been quite busy with Forensiq and our latest release. We've successfully deployed a new version of our entire platform and have sunset all our old technologies. On top of that we've become MRC Accredited which was quite a feat considering the team was primarily me on engineering and Antoni Kolev with support from data science.

This has been an amazing feat with two years of work under the direction of Antoni and our VP of Engineering, Stan Rosenberg, with the support of my team as well as two other teams. This has consumed a large part of my work life as well as cutting into my personal life. Fortunately we've wrapped up that part of the task and now adding new features is a lot easier thanks to code coverage and a uniformed tech stack.

So work has been fun, yet honestly more importantly I'm now a new dad! Work, while important, has paled in comparison to my personal life and the joy my wife and I have experienced. There is so much in high school they don't teach you about having a child and the world doesn't prep you for how hard it can be yet here we are with a beautiful (sassy) daughter. She has consumed both of our lives and honestly we wouldn't want it other way.

Now that we've wrapped up the big release and achieved MRC accreditation work is now about building new features and a much quicker ramp up. With that and Keira now sleeping better at night my personal life can now continue to develop my own material. Expect to see more Twitch Streaming, some more Boycott Paper Comics, and more blog posts on this site. Currently in the works of writing a satirical blog post about computer programming so look forward to that as well.

Thanks for reading my welcome back message and look forward to more media! Including a video game in the works.

P.S. While Bo Burnham's Netflix special is absolutely brilliant. While it didn't make me laugh and it wasn't quite my cup of tea it was so well done. It's hard to process watching it as a whole but the outro is such a great insight into mental health and how comedians or outgoing people may put up a front of positivity at the cost of their own mental health. I highly recommend watching "Can't Handle This". In particular the line "Like come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily decline mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself" is so fitting, followed by continuing his act of entertaining the crowd. Absolutely brilliant.

Greetings, I'm John Mullanaphy and currently creating stuff at Forensiq as a Senior Principal Software Engineer. When I'm not coding there then I'm usually found toying around on GitHub or creating comics at Boycott Paper.

Outside of the programming world you can probably find me on the mats rocking a purple belt at Marcelo Garcia Academy, streaming on Twitch, or playing some chess.

Feel free to message on Twitter if you have any questions or requests. Please help yourself to my printable résumé as well!