Pure Salt Gaming, LLC.

Pure Salt Gaming has been a goal of mine for quite some time yet between being a new father, Computer Science freshman, and working in a leadership role my time has been running in negative numbers. However recently while playing in the one chess tournament I still compete in a year it was the perfect time to test run Pure Salt Gaming and it went about as good as expected.

While the team did just okay and it was made up of two mid 30s guys and their 60+ year old dads there was general interest in the brand and the merchandise had a positive reception.

Plans Going Forward

There's still a lot up in the air on what exactly Pure Salt Gaming will entail yet at the very least I'm continuing to work on #1 Grandpa until the label and will look to sell merchandise online. Looking to explore some options on sponsoring streamers and esports teams yet some ground work still needs to be laid out.

Current goal is to have puresalt.gg up and running by April 1st, 2020 or as close as possible with preorders available for jerseys and hoodies immediately available for purchase. Depending on sales will look to invest in my own screen printing setup for tshirts and hoodies while outsourcing the jerseys via Owayo who really nailed the final product.

So stay tuned and please follow Pure Salt Gaming on various social media such as:

Thanks and take care, John

Greetings, I'm John Mullanaphy and currently creating stuff at Forensiq as a Principal Software Engineer. When I'm not coding there then I'm usually found toying around on GitHub or creating comics at Boycott Paper.

Outside of the programming world you can probably find me on the mats rocking a purple belt at Marcelo Garcia Academy, streaming on Twitch, or playing some chess.

Feel free to message on Twitter if you have any questions or requests. Please help yourself to my printable résumé as well!